If you’re to be excluded from your program for continued unsatisfactory academic performance, the Academic Registrar will email you to tell you this. The email will be titled (Urgent) We intend to exclude you from your program for unsatisfactory academic progress or, if you are a higher degree by research (HDR) student, ACTION REQUIRED – Notification of intention to terminate HDR candidature.

At this point you may be eligible to appeal the exclusion decision if you can meet the grounds stated in the Appeals section of the Assessment processes; or, if you are an HDR student, the grounds stated in section 20.2 of the Supporting HDR progress process.

To submit an appeal, you must have received the notification email from the Academic Registrar. You must be an enrolled student or on an approved leave of absence. You must submit your appeal within 20 working days from the date when the Academic Registrar sent the notification to you.

How to submit an appeal

To submit an appeal, use the relevant form on the student Appeals forms web page. The University Appeals Committee will send a response to your request for an appeal hearing within 20 working days from receipt of your complete appeal submission. If your appeal meets the grounds and goes to a hearing, it’s important that you make yourself available to attend the hearing.

RMIT Student Union (RUSU) has professional advocates who can advise and help you with appeals. If you wish to use this free service, you should make an appointment as soon as possible.

The Study and Learning Centre can also provide support for writing an appeal submission.