For international students studying in Australia on a student visa, satisfactory academic performance is a condition of your visa.

If the University excludes you from your program for continued unsatisfactory academic performance, or terminates your higher degree by research (HDR) candidature, your student visa may be cancelled and you may find it harder to get a student visa in future.

The University is required to notify the Department of Home Affairs regarding students who have been excluded for unsatisfactory academic progress. This requirement is stated in section 19 of the Educational Services for Overseas Students Act.

If you’re being excluded and you cancel your enrolment, transfer to another RMIT program or transfer to a program at another provider, the exclusion from your current program will still go ahead, and we’ll inform the Department of Home Affairs of the exclusion.

You have a right to appeal a decision to exclude you for unsatisfactory academic performance or terminate your HDR candidature: see Appealing against an exclusion decision. If you appeal, we won’t notify the Department of Home Affairs of your exclusion until the appeal process is finished (and the exclusion decision is not overturned on appeal).

For more information about visa cancellation see the Department of Home Affairs website.