Responsibility for  academic progress includes maintaining your academic integrity.

Students who have been identified as displaying unsatisfactory performance, or being at risk of making unsatisfactory academic progress, should take all possible steps to improve your performance including seeking feedback, using available support services and participating fully in the development and implementation of an Academic Performance Improvement Plan.

Key responsibilities matrix

An overview of the key responsibilities associated with the management of academic progress.

Responsibility Person/area
  • Making a commitment to learning and taking responsibility for own academic progress
  • Providing supportive learning environment
Academic staff
  • Establishing Program Assessment Board / Program Team
Head of School
  • Assessing student academic performance
Course Assessment Committee 
  • Determining 'at risk' status
Program Assessment Board
  • Making an appointment with 'at risk' students to discuss performance and develop individual academic performance improvement plan

School/College professsional, Academic and teaching staff

  • Developing academic performance improvement plan

Student (participatory responsibility)

Academic staff (key responsibility)

  • Inviting student deemed 'at risk' for a second time in same program to provide written submission to Program Assessment Board to show cause why they should not be excluded
Program Assessment Board
  • Making formal recommendation for exclusion due to established unacceptable academic performance to Academic Registrar
Head of School
  • Developing annual report on number of students identified at each stage of unsatisfactory progress and number of students recommended for exclusion to Academic Board (via Registrar)
Program Assessment Board
  • Formally advising student of exclusion
Academic Registrar
  • Hearing appeals against exclusion for unsatisfactory academic performance
University Appeals Committee
  • Reporting of excluded international onshore students to Dept of Immigration and Border Protection
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