Stage 1 – At risk of unsatisfactory progress

If you have demonstrated unsatisfactory academic performance in a compulsory semester or teaching period for the first time as defined in the Assessment - academic progress processes within the Assessment and assessment flexibility policy you will be deemed to be first stage - ‘at risk’ of unsatisfactory progress.

Stage 2 – Established unacceptable academic progress*

If you have been found to have made continued unsatisfactory academic progress for a second time in the same program you will be deemed to have established unacceptable academic progress (final stage).

If you are deemed to have established unacceptable academic progress you will be required to lodge a ‘show cause’ detailed submission as to why you should not be excluded from the program.

* Note: The final stage does not apply to apprentices and trainees, who are not normally excluded for unsatisfactory progress during the period of their training contract. These students will be managed in accordance with the Victorian Government VET Funding Contract and related guidelines.