Exam timetables

Go to Exam timetables for information. 


Storey Hall, Building 16, Level 5 Auditorium, City Campus – 336-348 Swanston St, Melbourne.  See Maps for details.

Opening time

The exam venue opens 20 minutes before the scheduled exam start time. We recommend that you arrive at the venue at least 10 minutes before the venue opens (30 minutes before your exam start time).

School-run exams

If you have a deferred exam with a ‘contact requirement’, you will need to contact your school or course coordinator to make arrangements for the exam. Check your special consideration outcome carefully.


There is no set result release date for deferred exams. Please contact your school/course coordinator for more information.

Deferred exam results and Graduation

If you plan on finishing your program by completing a course in an additional term, e.g. Spring or Summer courses held in December 2020 and January 2021, and/or you have been granted a Semester 2 deferred exam scheduled in December 2020, you will not be able to graduate at the Melbourne Graduation Ceremony on 16 December 2020.

This is because the official results for some of the courses in an additional term are published after the graduation date. Even if assessment has been finalised early, the results will not be published in time. You will need to either graduate in absentia, or at the 2021 Melbourne Graduation Ceremony.