Be exam ready!

Find out what to expect on exam day including what to bring, where to leave your belongings, and what to do when you've finished your exam. Good luck!

Rules of Conduct

You will be reported for misconduct if:

  • your mobile phone is not switched off and placed under your desk
  • you have or try to use notes, including notes written on your body
  • you have or try to use dictionaries or equipment not allowed for your exam
  • you do the exam for someone else or you let someone else do the exam for you
  • you get or try to get answers from another person
  • you disturb other students or do not follow the instructions of a staff member.

Student Guidelines

RMIT students and staff have a shared responsibility to maintain the integrity of RMIT assessment through the adherence and enforcement of the RMIT Exams Student Guidelines, policies and processes.

Know your responsibilities! Read the RMIT Exams Student Guidelines.

Items you must bring to your exam

  • You must present your student card when you enter the exam venue. If you’ve lost your card, or it’s expired, it’s easy to get a new one - find out how.
  • Stationery - pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, pencil sharpeners.

Items that are permitted in the venue

  • Non-carbonated water in a clear plastic bottle.
  • Valuables such as wallets, purses, keys and digital devices (switched off). Place all valuables under your desk (not in your pocket).
  • Exam materials, e.g. calculators, dictionaries, when specifically permitted (these are not available at the exam venue).
  • Revision notes and text books (these must be placed under your desk).
  • Open book and limited text materials when specifically permitted, as advised by your lecturer.

Small items can be placed in a clear plastic bag. Note: Plastic bags are no longer available at exam venues.

Items not permitted under any circumstances

  • Bags, handbags, laptop bags and backpacks*.
  • Hot drinks.
  • Carbonated water or soft drinks.
  • Food of any kind.
  • Opaque water bottles.
  • Scissors.
  • Metal cutlery.

Bag drop 

Bags are not permitted in the exam venue.

For exams at the Melbourne Showgrounds, this means that you’ll need to leave your bag in the Bag Drop Area located in Building 4. Bags will be subject to inspection as you enter Building 4.

For deferred and further deferred exams, this means that you’ll need to leave your bag in the designated Bag Drop Area. Bags will be subject to inspection as you enter.

Valuables such as your keys, wallets, purses and mobile phones are allowed in the venue, but must be placed under your desk. These items can be contained in a clear plastic bag.  Note that all mobile phones and smart devices must be switched off.

We recommend that you only bring the permitted materials with you to the exam venue. RMIT is unable to accept responsibility for any loss or damage of items left in the bag drop area.

If you have any concerns due to mobility or vision please contact the Exams team at