Conduct of exams at RMIT

The Conduct of supervised examinations – instructions for students supports the promotion of integrity, consistency and fairness in the conduct of assessment.

Read this instruction before attending your exams for guidance on:

  • the timing of exams
  • reading time during exams
  • responsibilities of students at exam venues
  • exam timetables
  • clash exams (when two or more exams are scheduled at the same time)
  • exam venues
  • student ID at exams
  • exam rules and conduct
  • emergency procedures during exams
  • misconduct during exams.

Key rules and tips

  • Bring your valid RMIT student card to all exams for identification.  If you don’t have a valid card, please obtain a new one via the RMIT website or contact RMIT Connect if it has expired.
  • Switch your mobile phone off and place it under your desk (not in your pocket).
  • Bags are permitted in the exam venues but will be subject to inspection upon entry.
  • Wear suitable, comfortable clothing. 
  • Hot drinks are not permitted in exam venues.
  • Only non-carbonated water in a clear plastic bottle is permitted in the venue.
  • Make sure you bring all permitted materials needed for your exam, e.g. calculator, as these are not provided or available for loan.
  • Only the exam materials relating to the exam you are sitting are permitted to be on your exam desk.