The table below outlines the areas and individuals responsible for different aspects of the academic progress process.
Responsibility Person/area
  • Making a commitment to learning and taking responsibility for own academic progress
  • Providing supportive learning environment
Academic and teaching staff
  • Establishing Program Assessment Board / Program Team
Head of School/Dean
  • Assessing student academic performance
Course Assessment Committee 
  • Determining 'at risk' status
Program Assessment Board
  • Making an appointment with 'at risk' students to discuss performance and develop individual academic performance improvement plan

School/College staff, academic and teaching staff

  • Developing academic performance improvement plan

Student (participatory responsibility)

Academic and teaching staff (key responsibility)

  • Inviting student deemed 'at risk' for a second time in same program to provide written submission to Program Assessment Board to show cause why they should not be excluded
Program Assessment Board
  • Making formal recommendation for exclusion due to established unacceptable academic performance to Academic Registrar
Head of School/Dean
  • Formally advising student of exclusion
Academic Registrar
  • Hearing appeals against exclusion for unsatisfactory academic performance
University Appeals Committee
  • Reporting of excluded international onshore students to Department of Home Affairs.
RMIT International Compliance