School of Vocational Business Education

The School of Vocational Business Education is industry focused; delivering programs that employer’s value. Programs are oriented to vocational outcomes and our graduates enjoy strong rates of employment. They also have the opportunity to articulate into higher qualifications including Bachelor degree programs in Business.


Advanced Diploma of Accounting Prize

Nominees: Olivia Cheesman, Bailey Fiddes, Louis Milano, Yeo Jin Song and Chloe Vaughan

Prize Recipient: Chloe Vaughan

CILTA Diploma of Logistics Prize

Nominees: Lucinda De Santis, Abdirizak Mohammednur Isak and Ines Bethia Nikolova Naylor

Prize Recipient: Abdirizak Mohammednur Isak

Ellen Dickeson Memorial Award (Advanced Diploma)

Nominees: Courtney Murfin and Elma Becic

Prize Recipient: Courtney Murfin

Ellen Dickeson Memorial Award (Associate Degree Paralegal)

Nominees: Ynez Galtry, Chealsea Butler and Tamara Fenech

Prize Recipient: Chealsea Butler 

Hamburg Süd Prize for International Business

Nominees: Kodai Iwasaki, Jingying Tang and Thavinia Sarani Chinniah

Prize Recipient: Thavinia Sarani Chinniah

Robert Masters & Associates Prize for PR

Nominees: Georgia Tappy, Casey Petersen and Gigi Hayes

Prize Recipient: Georgia Tappy

Diploma of Conveyancing or Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing Prize

Nominees: Phillipa Caarels, Meg Tiley, Natalia Andrade Cadena, Belinda McGregor, Erin Haspell and Anna Tran

Prize Recipient: Natalia Andrade Cadena

Diploma of Business Administration Prize

Nominees: Johnson Pham and Anderson McCreadie

Prize Recipient: Anderson McCreadie

Advanced Diploma of Marketing & Communication Prize

Nominees: Ryan Young and Bethany Fisher

Prize Recipient: Bethany Fisher

Diploma of Information Technology Prize

Nominees: Wafaa Qaroma and Simon Coon

Prize Recipient: Simon Coon

Diploma of Commerce Prize

Prize Recipient: Duong Minh Nguyen

Diploma of Leadership and Management Prize

Nominees: Lewis Kelli Brown and Luka Kliris

Prize Recipient: Lewis Kelli Brown

Associate Degree in Business Prize

Prize Recipient: Claire Bruce

Diploma of Financial Planning Prize

Nominees: Wei Ye and Natalie Isabel Strnak

Prize Recipient: Natalie Isabel Strnak

Diploma of Business Prize

Nominees: Grace Wheldon and Doug Peden

Prize Recipient: Doug Peden

Diploma of Financial Services Prize

Prize Recipient: Jarvis Wilson-Short