Grading information for 2020

Fail grades in 2020 will not impact your GPA/WAM

If you receive a fail grade for a 2020 course, the fail grade will not appear on your academic transcript*. These grades will be progressively changed to ‘Withdrawn from course (WDR)’ after results release. This will not count towards your Grade Point Average (GPA) or Weighted Average Mark (WAM). Course fees will still apply if you fail your course and the result is converted to a WDR.

*This does not apply to course fail grades imposed by a senior officer or Student Conduct Board on grounds of misconduct under the Student Conduct policy. These grades will continue to show on transcripts and will count towards WAM/GPA.

Result Not Finalised (RNF) grades

If you can’t complete the full learning requirements for your course in 2020 you will receive a grade of ‘Result Not Finalised (RNF)’.  

For more information see Grading FAQs below, or refer to our FAQs on Exams and assessment.

Read more about higher education and associate degree grades.

Grading FAQs

No, course fees are not refunded if you fail your course and the result is converted to a WDR.

If you need assistance due to COVID-19, please visit our COVID-19 support and assistance page.

If you think you may be eligible for a refund of your HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP or VET Student Loan, go to our refund page to find out how to apply. Please note that you’ll need to meet strict Government eligibility criteria.

Yes, you’re entitled to seek a review for your final grade for a course by contacting your course coordinator or program manager. After seeking a review of the final grade, you may be eligible to appeal the final fail grade for the course.

Standard semester-based courses

Results are available from Monday 30 November for Semester 2 2020 higher education courses in standard semester-based programs. This is also the result release date for the following College of Business and Law programs:     

  • Associate Degree in Business
  • Associate Degree in Legal Practice (Paralegal)
  • Diploma of Commerce

Undergraduate student surnames A-L

Undergraduate student surnames M-Z 9.30am
Postgraduate students 11.00am

Spring and Summer semester-based courses

The results for courses enrolled under Spring 2019 or Summer 2020 semester will be released on 28 February 2020. 

Flexible/non-standard courses

For courses taught outside the standard and spring/summer semesters, results will be released within 28 days of the class end date. The class end date is the due date for your last item of assessment. If you have any questions about this date, please contact your school.

How to view your results

  • Log in to myRMIT.
  • Select the myResults tab and scroll to the current semester.


If there's any change to when or how you access your results, we'll let you know by email.

If you have a query about your results, contact RMIT Connect.