Prior to enrolling for cross campus (exchange) studies in Vietnam, you must first:

  • be active in a Melbourne based RMIT program
  • have applied for and been accepted for cross campus studies through Global Experience's Mobi system.

Initial enrolment in cross campus study

Congratulations on your acceptance for cross campus studies at RMIT Vietnam.

How do I enrol for cross campus study?

1.   Enrol online via myRMIT for the academic year and equivalent semester in which you intend undertaking cross campus study. You must complete an enrolment checklist for every year that you study. Enrol in the Melbourne courses equivalent to those that you will be undertaking in Vietnam.

2.   When you arrive in Vietnam, finalise your enrolment in RMIT Vietnam's enrolment system by the RMIT Vietnam census date. Remember that you must enrol only in courses which were approved on your study plan by your school in Melbourne.
Please note: you will receive instructions from RMIT Vietnam about how to access the system there.

3.   After the RMIT Vietnam census date, your enrolled courses will be updated automatically in the RMIT Melbourne system to match your RMIT Vietnam enrolment. Any Melbourne based courses will be dropped.
Please note that cross campus course catalog numbers for equivalent Melbourne and Vietnam courses will differ, although course titles will be the same.

The above process ensures that your enrolment is correct in both the RMIT Vietnam and Melbourne systems, your fee arrangements (including HELP loans) are maintained and your Vietnam studies are correctly represented on your transcript.

While you are studying in Vietnam

Changing your address

It is important that you maintain your contact details on your student record. Once you have found permanent accommodation in Vietnam you should update your address in Enrolment Online. You will need to change these details again when you return to Melbourne.

Extending your time in Vietnam

If you wish to extend your cross campus studies you need to contact Global Experience.

After your return to Melbourne


You need to change your address in Enrolment Online to your Melbourne address.

Your transcript

Once you have completed your cross campus studies in Vietnam your Vietnam courses and their grades will appear on your transcript with a note stating that you have completed a mobility activity at RMIT Vietnam. Cross campus courses will count towards your GPA.

Any questions

If you have any concerns about your cross campus enrolment, please email