Student exchange involves studying at an overseas institution with which RMIT has a reciprocal (exchange) agreement. Outbound exchange students pay tuition fees to RMIT for their studies overseas.

Once approved for student exchange, it is your responsibility to ensure you are correctly enrolled at RMIT for the semester/s that you will be studying overseas.

Before you go on exchange

You must:

  • receive approval of your study plan from your RMIT school in order to study overseas
  • drop your RMIT classes for the period of your approved exchange
  • enrol in EXTL courses before your semester census date.

How you need to enrol

You must be enrolled in a full-time course load (36–48 credit points each semester) at RMIT for the duration of your exchange program, as well as at your host institution (this is a requirement of your exchange and often a visa regulation of the destination country).

You should not remain enrolled in any on-campus courses at RMIT for the semester/s you are studying overseas, otherwise you will receive a fail grade for the RMIT course/s you did not attend.

The equivalence of a full-time course load can vary across partner institutions. Please review the general overview of credit transfer systems and contact Global Experiences should you require specific advice.

Please note that you must comply with all RMIT Enrolment procedures and deadlines while overseas, including census dates.

Should you require additional enrolment advice (for example about planning your program around your exchange semester), please contact RMIT Connect or your RMIT school if you are a College of Design and Social Context student.

School-specific exchange course codes

Exchange course codes for can be found using the Exchange Course Code Search. Each RMIT school has its own set of course codes (e.g. EXTL1234) in which you will be required to enrol. Exchange course codes always start with EXTL. Each course code is worth 12 RMIT credits and you must enrol in a fulltime course load (36-48 RMIT credit points per semester) while you are on exchange. Select the school-specific codes in the order that they are presented until you achieve a full-time course load. It is not possible to enrol in the same exchange course code more than once.

Step 1: Use the Exchange Course Code Search to find the codes associated with your program School at RMIT.


EXTLXXXX Outb Exch Media & Comm 1

EXTLXXXX Outb Exch Media & Comm 2

EXTLXXXX Outb Exch Media & Comm 3

EXTLXXXX Outb Exch Media & Comm 4

Step 2: Enrol via Enrolment Online in a full-time course load for your exchange semester. If you are enrolled in any RMIT-taught courses during your exchange semester, you will need to drop them before enrolling in your exchange course codes.

Going for two semesters?

Students starting their exchange in RMIT Semester 2 will need to enrol in their second semester (RMIT Semester 1 of the following calendar year) once the Enrolment Online opens in early November.

On completion of your exchange

Your host institution will provide Global Mobility with an official copy of your transcript, which will state the courses and grades that you obtained whilst on exchange.

  • Global Mobility will send an official copy of this transcript to your School at RMIT in order to facilitate the credit transfer process.

It is advisable that you also order a personal copy of your exchange transcript directly from your host institution.