Study Abroad involves studying at an overseas institution with which RMIT does not have a reciprocal (exchange) agreement.

As a Study Abroad student you are responsible for:

  • submitting your Study Abroad application to Global Mobility within the deadline set by your overseas institution
  • understanding the application process and liaising directly with your overseas institution
  • seeking course approval from your RMIT school program coordinator
  • ensuring you are correctly enrolled at RMIT for the semester you are studying overseas (see below)
  • paying the applicable Study Abroad fees direct to the overseas institution (not to RMIT).

Before you go overseas

You must:

  • complete the Study Abroad Application Form
  • drop your RMIT classes for your period of approved study abroad
  • enrol in the appropriate EXTL* courses prior to the semester census date.

*EXTL codes for outbound Study Abroad courses should be provided to you by Global Experiences.

You should remain enrolled in the provided EXTL courses until your overseas study is completed.

Under no circumstances should you remain enrolled in any non-EXTL classes while undertaking full-time study overseas.

When you get back

You must present your academic transcript from the host university to your school so that RMIT external study grades can be entered against your EXTL class enrolments.