If you fail to enrol or take an approved leave of absence by the end of the enrolment period you will lose your place in your program.

If you still wish to continue your studies at RMIT then you must apply for late enrolment. 

How to apply for late enrolment

You can apply by submitting either a letter or signed copy of the Application for late enrolment form (PDF 136KB 2p) to RMIT Connect

This form is for continuing higher education students who have failed to enrol by the enrolment deadline. If you receive permission to enrol late you will incur a late enrolment fee and will need to follow the late enrolment process.

Your application must address why you failed to enrol or take an approved leave of absence by the close of the enrolment period and present a case as to why you should be offered a place in your program. Please ensure you include your student number and contact details in your application.

Permission to enrol or take leave of absence will be granted at the University's discretion and is subject to the availability of places in your program.

Outcome of late enrolment applications

If you apply for late enrolment, you will be advised of the outcome within 10 working days. The notification will be by phone or by an email sent to your RMIT student email account.

How to enrol if your application is successful

If your application is successful and your place in the program is reinstated, an email will be sent to your RMIT student email account advising you that you are now able to enrol and that the late enrolment fee has been charged to your student account.

You should complete your enrolment as initially advised in your enrolment notification – if you were scheduled to enrol online you can do so until the last day to add courses. 

Adding classes after the ‘last day to add’

If your approval to enrol is received after the ‘last date to add’, follow these steps to add classes

If your application for late enrolment is approved you must complete your enrolment before your relevant census date. You will not be permitted to enrol after this point.

Please note that late enrolment into a course or program is not grounds for special consideration.

Where a school accepts your late enrolment into a course/program, the school is to make arrangements for you to catch up on any missed work. Please contact your course/program coordinator for assistance if needed.

Late enrolment fee

If your application for late enrolment is approved, a late enrolment fee of will be automatically applied to your account.

Appeals against the late enrolment fee

Appeals will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and in the relevant academic year.

You must submit your own appeal. Submissions from anyone else will not be considered. RMIT staff may support your appeal by supplying you with relevant evidence, documentation or a letter of support.

Please note that the following are not considered to be exceptional circumstances:

  • incorrectly reading your enrolment notification
  • outstanding debts to the University
  • failure to allow sufficient time for payments to clear prior to enrolment deadlines.

Appeals should include the following:

  • specific details of the exceptional circumstances
  • supporting evidence.

The fee will only be removed if the University deems that the circumstances were serious, beyond your control and directly affected your ability to enrol by the end of the scheduled enrolment period.

How to submit an appeal

Appeals against the late fee should be submitted by:


enrolments@rmit.edu.au (from your RMIT student email account)


+61 3 9925 8820


Manager, Enrolment and Student Records
Academic Registrar’s Group
RMIT University
GPO Box 2476
Melbourne Vic 3001