Early return from a leave of absence is usually at the discretion of your program or course director (or equivalent). If you wish to return from leave of absence early, you need to:

  • Send an email from your official RMIT student email account to the person who approved your leave of absence requesting permission to return early. This email must include details of the program from which you have taken leave of absence, the semester in which you wish to return to study and the reason that you wish to return early.
  • If your request is approved, you should enrol into classes for the relevant semester as per the enrolment information provided by your RMIT school. It is your responsibility to enrol within the allocated timeframe for that semester.

For information on enrolment deadlines see Important dates and your relevant census dates webpage. For assistance with the enrolment, see Enrol as a continuing student.

International students

It is very important that you contact the Compliance team at isvisa@rmit.edu.au to discuss the impact of an early return to study on your student visa.

Returning early from leave of absence may have an impact on your student visa status and due to strict guidelines approvals for an early return are rare.

In the event that your RMIT school approves your early return, the school will contact the International Compliance team in order to have your eCOE reissued.