We hear you! Making the student voice count:

  • Each year, we email students who pay SSAF with a survey, asking them to choose their top 5 listed initiatives, with the results used to inform initiative funding.
  • 3500+ student representatives: RMIT consults with thousands of student representatives as members of the Student Union (RUSU), the Student Experience Advisory Committee (SEAC) and as students hired through RMIT’s Jobs on Campus initiative that provides RMIT students a unique input on decision making.
  • The final decision on SSAF funded initiatives is made by the RMIT Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Education - informed by students’ views and the recommendations of the SSAF Steering Committee.

thanks ssaf

Student consultations

The results of the 2019 Student Consultation are in! 

Thanks to your vote the following 15 initiatives will be funded in 2019:

  • Jobs on Campus
  • Free Inclusive Student Life and Activities on Campus
  • Enhancing Student Life with bite-sized grants
  • Creative and Cultural Campus Experiences
  • Support for the Student Hardship Fund (SHA)
  • Boosting RUSU and RMIT Clubs for leadership and skills development
  • Support for RMITV
  • More funding for RUSU Clubs
  • RUSU Vocational Education Outreach Program
  • RUSU Strong Student Voices
  • RUSU Campus Life
  • RUSU Free Healthy Breakfasts
  • RUSU International Student Support
  • RUSU Orientation
  • Wellbeing workshops and online courses to empower and support students

In addition, after proving so popular with students over the past five years, the following initiatives will also continue to receive funding support for 2019 and 2020:

  • Industry Mentoring
  • Future Edge
  • The Job Shop
  • RUSU Postgraduate Package
  • Boost Counselling Services
  • Boost Equitable Learning Services (ELS)
  • RUSU Bundoora East Campus Life 
  • RUSU Volunteers
  • Final Year Career Support
  • Enhancing Student Mental Wellbeing
  • RUSU Brunswick and Bundoora Compass

If you would like to see a snapshot of initiatives delivered in 2018-to-date, check out the Thanks SSAF! page.