If you graduate at a ceremony you are required to wear traditional academic dress that consists of black gown, a hood or a stole and a mortarboard.

RMIT’s academic dress is based on the Oxford style and exactly what you wear is determined by your program’s discipline and the level of award you receive (e.g. diploma, bachelor, master, etc.).

Hire of academic dress

If you are attending the Melbourne Graduation Ceremony the cost of hiring your academic dress is included in the graduation fee.

You should collect your academic dress in December at one of the gown and ticket collection days

Colours of hoods and stoles

The colour of your hood or stole represents your program’s discipline.

Diploma graduates will wear a stole, while degree graduates wear hoods. If you are graduating with a double degree you are entitled to wear two hoods, one for each discipline.

Professional Doctors wear a black gown faced with the colour of their award discipline.

Discipline Colour Discipline Colour
Applied Science Honeysuckle Law White
Architecture Cherry Nursing Fuchsia
Arts Magenta Pharmacy Opaline green
Business Heliotrope Public Health Peacock green
Design Silver grey Social Science Buttercup
Education Turqoise Social Work Powder blue
Engineering Spectrum blue Technology Spectrum green
Health Science Violet Doctor of Philosophy Scarlet red

How to wear academic dress

Watch our gown demonstration video to see how to wear your gown, stole/hood and mortarboard.

Gown sizes

Your gown size is determined by your height and is intended to be loose fitting.

Gown size


feet and inches


156 and under

5' 1" and under



5' 2" to 5' 5"



5' 6" to 5' 9"



5' 10" to 6' 1"


187 and over

6' 2" and over

Mortarboard sizes

You will wear a mortarboard (or cap) made from black cloth with a folding crown and a black tassel. Mortarboards are loose fitting and may need to be secured with hair clips.









To determine your size, measure the circumference of your head just above the ears.

Note: Mortarboards have very sharp edges and points and should not be thrown.

Doctorate bonnets

If you are graduating with a doctorate you will wear a black velvet Tudor bonnet with a coloured cord and tassel.