Graduates from 2003 to present

Below are lists of RMIT graduates, by year of graduation. Download the relevant list and search for the candidate’s records (search using ‘Ctrl’ + ‘F’ on a PC or ‘⌘’ + ‘F’ on a Mac).

Additional information or pre 2003 graduates 

Complete the Award Verification Request Form.

There is a $20 (AUD) fee per award verification request. Payment can be made via the above Award Verification Request Form.

Processing times: 6 business days for student records from 2001 onwards, 10 business days for student records prior to 2001. 

Releasing student information

Publicly available information, as a matter of public record: 

  • candidate name  
  • award name 
  • graduation date 

Consent form required for more details: 

You must supply a consent form, signed by the candidate, so that we can release additional information (e.g. attendance dates, verification for incomplete student). Please note that typed electronic signatures are not accepted. 

Download RMIT Award Verification Consent Form

More information

Academic Statements



Digital academic statements are available!

Students can instantly share secure, certified transcripts and other academic statements with third parties. Find out more at Digital academic statements and My eQuals.

Australian Qualifications Framework Levels

Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) level summaries are statements of the typical achievement of graduates who have been awarded a qualification at a certain level in the AQF. See the AQF website for details of each level’s criteria.