Results: Completing and graduating students receive digital academic statements automatically and free of charge. Please wait for your grades to be officially released before ordering a transcript, so that these results are included.

Hard copy statement delivery times: There may be a delay in delivery times due to disrupted mailing services. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

What are they?

The Statement of Attainment and VE Qualification Statement list competencies or modules achieved under the nationally endorsed curriculum. Please note your statement may not include competencies or modules completed before 2002.

Statement of Attainment (SOA)

A Statement of Attainment may be issued for partial completion of your Vocational Education (VE) program or for completion of a skill set or accredited short course. 

VE Qualification Statement (VE Qual)

VE students will be issued with a digital VE Qual when they graduate, automatically and free of charge. Your VE Qual is a graduation document that satisfies ASQA requirements. It replaces the VE certificate that was issued prior to September 2018.

Useful for

  • National program and course recognition, such as when applying for credit at another institution

  • Professional registration, such as entry to a Vocational Board

  • Employment purposes, such as for apprentices seeking to qualify for a higher level of income

Available to 

Students in certificate I-IV and diploma programs