You are entitled to possess only one testamur for each conferred award. RMIT does not hold copies of testamurs and a testamur can only be reissued when the original testamur has been:

  • not received
  • damaged
  • lost, stolen or destroyed.

You may be required to return your original testamur and/or provide further information before a replacement can be issued.

The name on your replacement testamur must appear exactly as it is on your RMIT student record. Exceptions may be granted in extenuating circumstances but are subject to approval from the Academic Registrar.

For further information in regards to this situation please refer to the Conferral and graduation policy process.

How to request a replacement testamur

Apply and pay online by credit card (Visa or MasterCard). The testamur will be mailed to your nominated address.

If you encounter difficulties applying online, please contact RMIT Connect.

Cost and delivery

The cost to purchase a replacement testamur, including registered mail delivery, is $170.

The turnaround time for printing and delivery is 4–6 weeks. Please note that we cannot guarantee the replacement of archived testamurs over seven years old and the 4–6 week turnaround time does not apply.

If you encounter difficulties applying online, please contact RMIT Connect.