Your transcript is an official record of your studies at RMIT University.

Your official record is archived if you studied at RMIT University prior to 1982 or if you studied at a college or institute that merged with RMIT.

Available to

You need to order an archive transcript instead of a regular transcript  if you:

  • studied at RMIT University prior to 1982

  • were enrolled at one of the merged colleges or institutes.


  • If you studied at the The Melbourne College of Decoration, your records are held by Victoria University. Please contact Victoria University to request your records.

  • RMIT does not issue apprenticeship trade certificates. For assistance with trade certificates please contact VRQA (Victorian Registration & Qualifications Authority), tel. 1300 722 603.

How to get one

Archive transcripts are available in hard copy format only.


How to get one


Hard copy


Complete the Archive transcript request form (PDF 26kb 1p) and submit it to Exams, Awards and Graduations by email to, or in person at RMIT Connect.


$44 (includes the work required by a University archivist and the cost of transcript materials)

Processing timelines:

  • Usually processed wihtin 15 working days.