You will receive one award transcript free of charge after your award is conferred (graduation) – refer to Transcripts for more information.

Follow the process below if you want to request a transcript before your award is conferred, or you want to request an additional award transcript.

RMIT Vietnam students: to ensure your student record is up to date please wait until three weeks after your results release date before requesting a transcript.

How to request a transcript

Apply and pay online by credit card (Visa or MasterCard). The transcript will be posted to your nominated address.

For pre-1982 students a different process applies. Refer to archive transcript requests.

Note: A transcript with completion details will not be available to purchase until you can see that a Statement of Academic Completion (SAC) is available to purchase in the online request system. If you specifically require a transcript with completion details please do not request one until the SAC is available.

Mail delivery option


Standard mail


Express mail


International mail


Purchase in person


Pay and collect at RMIT Connect


Online requests are usually processed within 3–5 working days.

If you have a debt to the University you will not be able to request your transcript until the debt is cleared – please contact RMIT Connect to arrange payment.

If you encounter difficulties applying online, please contact RMIT Connect on +61 3 9925 5000 during business hours.