You're ready to graduate when you've:

  • met all academic requirements of your program
  • no missing results or credit transfers
  • no outstanding debts to the University
  • met all additional requirements as detailed below.

On track? Great! You’re ready to apply to graduate.

To chat to someone about any of these requirements or your eligibility, contact your School.


Additional requirements

Higher degrees by research

To be eligible, you need to have:

  • Received a passing outcome at examination;
  • Completed any required amendments as a result of the examination process;
  • Had your final archival and amendments document approved by the ADVC, RTD;
  • Completed all mandatory coursework courses (e.g. research methods) or had a credit transfer processed, where eligible;
  • Provided your 50 word citation to the School of Graduate Research, if you are a PhD student.

You may apply to graduate before meeting these conditions.

For questions about your academic progress and eligibility to graduate, contact the School of Graduate Research.

Intermediate awards

If you’re applying to graduate from an intermediate award, for example, you’re enrolled in a masters degree but want to graduate with a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma instead, you’ll need to contact your school before applying. Once your school has admitted you to the intermediate conferring program, you can apply to graduate.


Awards more than 10 years old

If you completed a higher education program more than 10 years ago, we're unable to confer your award or issue a testamur. However, you can still be issued with a transcript confirming that you completed the requirements of your program.

You can read more about this in the Conferral and graduation policy.

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