To graduate from RMIT University you need to ensure that:

  • you have met all academic requirements for your program
  • you have no missing results or credit transfers
  • you have no financial debt owing to the University.

If you have missing results or credit transfers, or owe a debt, you will not be able to graduate and receive your certificate and award transcript.

The University will not confer an award where a higher education student completed program requirements more than 10 years earlier. In these cases a student may be issued with a transcript stating that they had completed the requirements of the program but they are not eligible for conferral or a testamur. For further details refer to the Conferral and graduation policy.

If you are not sure if you are eligible to graduate, please contact your school.

For information about your financial issues or your enrolment please visit RMIT Connect on your campus or call +61 39925 5000 during business hours.

Melbourne Graduation Ceremony

If you are completing your final course in an additional term, please ensure that your result is updated in the RMIT Student Management system by no later than 26 November 2018.

If your result release date falls after the 26 November 2018, you will not be eligible to graduate in the 2018 Melbourne December ceremony even if the assessment has been finalised early.  

This includes OUA undergraduate students in study periods 3 and 4, postgraduate study in session 3, cross institutional students awaiting results from another university, and Semester 2 deferred exams students scheduled in December.

If you would like to graduate in the 2018 Melbourne December ceremony, you will need to review your enrolment to ensure you meet all requirements by the end of Semester 2 2018.

The last day to add courses for Semester 2 is Friday 27 July 2018.

Higher degrees by research

To be eligible to graduate with your higher degree you must have:

  • submitted your thesis/project to the School of Graduate Research for examination
  • successfully completed your examination (i.e. your thesis/project has been classified by the Graduate Research Committee as ‘passed’)
  • completed any required amendments as a result of the examination process
  • submitted your final archival thesis/project to the School of Graduate Research (it must be signed off by your senior supervisor and Head of School and include all required documentation)
  • submitted your 50 word citation to the School of Graduate Research, if you are a PhD student
  • been admitted to the relevant degree (the School of Graduate Research will arrange this and will send you a letter confirming this together with a Statement of Academic Completion)
  • no missing results or credit transfers
  • have completed all coursework courses (e.g. research methods) or had a credit transfer processed (where eligible)
  • paid any outstanding debts to the University.

You may apply to graduate before meeting these conditions. To attend the Melbourne Graduation Ceremony you must apply to graduate by Sunday 30 September 2018.

If you have not met all academic requirements for your program and been confirmed as eligible to graduate by the School of Graduate Research prior to graduation you will not be able to participate in a graduation ceremony.

PhD and Masters by Research candidates should contact the School of Graduate Research by calling 9925 8356 or email to with questions about academic progress and eligibility to graduate.