Martin Bean CBE, RMIT Vice-Chancellor and President, congratulates our 2020 graduates on their momentous achievement. 


Congratulations on becoming an RMIT Graduate! You join the ranks of some extraordinary people and you should be proud of all you have achieved.

Graduating is a big achievement any year. Graduating in 2020 is truly exceptional! It means you're resilient, you're determined, and you know how to adapt. These are in many ways the skills of our time, so I have every confidence you're ready for the journey ahead.

I'm sure you've formed some great friendships and connections at RMIT, and I encourage you to nurture them throughout your career. Now more than ever relationships and networks will be one of our most valuable career and life assets.

And remember, you're part of the RMIT community for life. So when you're ready to deepen your skills, broaden your horizons or change careers altogether, RMIT will be with you every step of the way. Until then, celebrate your success, be grateful for the support you've had from family and friends, and stay connected.

Remember, the world needs people like you, graduates who are ready to make a difference and shape our future.

I look forward to hearing news of your success and I wish you all the very best for the future.

Martin Bean CBE

Vice-Chancellor and President

RMIT University