As a requirement of the Department of Home Affairs, all under-18 students applying for a student visa must have appropriate welfare arrangements in place until they are 18 years old.

Welfare Options

Option 1: You will be living with an approved relative who lives in Australia.

Option 2: RMIT will approve and maintain your welfare arrangements by issuing a CAAW (Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare). RMIT provides welfare by ensuring that you use the services of an approved caregiver and live in an RMIT approved accommodation.

RMIT Curfew

While you are under-18 and under the RMIT CAAW letter, you must return to your approved accommodation each night by 10pm. Students in hostel and PBSA accommodation are required to sign the curfew register.

The accommodation provider will contact RMIT & the caregiver if you do not return home by 10pm.

Approval must be sought from RMIT for late or absent cufew exemptions within a reaonable timeframe.

To maintain your CAAW letter, you must:

  • Maintain the caregiver and accommodation arrangements approved
  • Stay at your approved accommodation every night
  • Seek approval before taking holidays or making a change to accommodation
  • Follow the nightly curfew of 10pm
  • Must not buy, consume or possess alcohol
  • Must not buy, consume or possess drugs
  • Follow all ‘house rules’ in your approved accommodation as agreed in the tenancy agreement or equivalent document
  • Pay your accommodation fees on time.

CAAW Withdrawal process:

If you are unable to meet the requirements to maintain your CAAW you will be issued three written warnings:

  1. First Warning via email 
  2. Second Warning and required face to face meeting 
  3. Third Warning and required face to face meeting.

If you continue to breach the requirements of the CAAW you will be issued CAAW Cancellation Notice. Your parent(s) and caregiver will be included in each of these communications.

If your CAAW letter is cancelled, your parent will need to make arrangements to maintain your welfare while you are under-18.

RMIT will notify the Department of Home Affairs if your CAAW letter is cancelled.