Courses and programs = units and courses

If you haven't noticed already, there are a couple of important terminology differences between OUA and RMIT.

What the OUA calls a unit of study, we refer to as a course. While an OUA course is an RMIT program.

Course materials

You will study using a combination of print and online materials.

Online materials will be delivered through Canvas, which you can access from the Students homepage via Quick Links.

If a unit has print-based materials, these will be posted to you before the start of the study period.


The majority of OUA units have required textbooks that you will need to complete each unit. Go to the Co-op to find and purchase your textbooks.

RMIT University Library

All OUA students have access to the RMIT University Library and resources such as the Library Referencing guides.

The Library has a wide range of books, journals and databases and can be accessed via the myStudies section of myRMIT.