Training and development

  • The PhD Up! program provides great training and development opportunities for Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) candidates.
  • The Library offers research and writing services, courses and workshops to assist you throughout your candidature.
  • A specialised statistical support service is also available to help with designing your study and analysing data.

Grants and scholarship opportunities

HDR scholarships and grant opportunities, such as the HDR travel grant can help you with access to conferences, field work, etc.

Online training and resources

RMIT student services

Student Services provide a range of free and confidential services including counselling, financial and legal advice to help you to succeed and maintain your wellbeing.

Policies and procedures

There are a number of HDR policies and processes that apply to higher degrees by research candidates which you must familiarise yourself with. You will find to links to specific policies and procedures throughout the research candidates web pages to assist you with finding the relevant information for your situation.

Information for candidates with families

A variety of services and support are available for candidates who have childcare responsibilities.