There are a range of services within and beyond the university that can assist parents and carers of pre-school and school aged children, along with several federal funding schemes to alleviate the costs of accessing child care.

In Victoria the main types of childcare available for young children aged up to 6 years are:

  • private childcare centres
  • community childcare centres (not-for-profit centres)
  • family day care - up to four pre-school children are cared for by a carer in the carer's home.
Some local government agencies also provide outside school hours and school holiday programs provide a range of supervised activities before and after school and during the school holidays. 

RMIT child care

RMIT City Campus Children’s Centre on Lygon St in the City and Numdaji Kwei at Bundoora West both provide care for children of students and staff at RMIT and the wider community.

Students and staff have access to both of the University’s Children’s Centres. The service is well used and, at times, waiting lists apply. Priority is  given according to Commonwealth guidelines (single parents, children in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, children in families which include a disabled person, children in lower income and those with non English speaking backgrounds). It is important to apply to the centre as soon as you know that you would like to access their services.

New candidates should make contact with the centre as soon as they have accepted their offer for enrolment rather than wait until their arrival at RMIT.

Community childcare services

Most local governments keep a list of the childcare options available in the local area, and may also be able to help with information about costs, vacancies and operating hours.

Search your local council website for more information about your area.

Another useful search tool is CareForKids where you can search for centres with vacancies in your area.