What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is an advanced web-based application for building, distributing and analysing online surveys.

Data collected using Qualtrics is secure. It is the recommended tool for collecting privacy-sensitive surveys by the Human Research Ethics Committee at RMIT.

Using online surveys for research

The Human Research Ethics Committee reviews and approves any scholarly research with human participants prior to commencement. See the Human Research Ethics Committee website for more information.

If you’re unsure whether your research requires ethics approval contact the HREC secretary Peter Burke by emailing human.ethics@rmit.edu.au.

Usage of surveys for research is monitored by HREC.

How to access Qualtrics

Access Qualtrics and login with your NDS (Novell) username and password.

How to use Qualtrics

Learning how to use Qualtrics is easy. Video guides are available on the Qualtrics University web page to help you make, distribute and analyse the results of your survey.



  • Email itservicedesk@ems.rmit.edu.au for any queries on Qualtrics.
  • Email human.ethics@rmit.edu.au for any queries about gaining research ethics approval.