This online training is part of the RMIT University’s RITE Program which aims to support and encourage research integrity, and is compulsory for all HDR candidates.

RITE Online Training is provided by the Epigeum Impact Research Integrity online courses. These describe and provide opportunity for reflection on what research integrity is, why research integrity is important, and how research practices fulfil or undermine the integrity and excellence of research.

RITE Online Training is supported with various face-to-face RITE Workshops. Please feel free to participate in RITE workshops to extend your research integrity training. You can find RITE workshops on offer in PhD Up.

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The 'Research Integrity (AUS version)’ course is suitable for Higher Degree by Research Candidates, early career researchers, new supervisors and professional staff. It introduces the principles and responsibilities of research integrity as five hours of self-guided content. The full format course is customized to five discipline areas.

You must obtain at least 80% on the quiz in order to successfully complete the course.  Once you have passed, you will have access to a certificate that you can download or print.

Learning outcomes

This online training will enable you to understand and reflect on:

  • what research integrity is and why it matters
  • the principles of research integrity and how these are translated into trustworthy and excellent research
  • the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and how it’s principles and responsibilities relate to research practice
  • research practices that fulfil or undermine the trustworthiness and excellence of research, including questionable research practices and breaches of research integrity.

Who should complete RITE Online?

All HDR candidates.

Online Access

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