The third milestone review is the third and final milestone in your Higher Degree by Research (HDR) program before you submit your thesis or project for examination. This was previously known as the Completion Seminar.

This is a significant milestone on your research journey and successful completion of this milestone indicates you are on track for a timely completion.

As with your other milestones, your presentation for your third milestone review must occur within your milestone window. Your ‘milestone due date’ is the last day of your milestone window and you should plan to present well before this date. If you are a:

  • PhD candidate, you must complete your third milestone review between 2.5 and 3 EFTSL (between 30 and 36 months after your commencement date if you are enrolled full-time or between 60 and 72 months if you are part-time).
  • Masters by Research candidate, you must complete your third milestone review between 1.5 and 1.75 EFTSL (between 18 and 21 months after your commencement date if you are enrolled full-time or between 36 and 42 months if you are part-time).

You will receive automated reminders about your milestone due date.

If your milestone review presentation has not already been scheduled when you receive your first reminder, contact your supervisors or HDR Administrator to discuss this.

As part of your Third milestone review you will need produce an advanced draft of your thesis or project (written work and/or creative project) and present your research to your Review Panel and wider research community. Candidature milestone reviews provides information about the presentation, milestone outcomes and what happens if you are not able to meet your milestone within your milestone window.

The written component for this milestone is an advanced draft of your work towards your thesis or dissertation and a summary of your work and research so far.

Draft work

If you are submitting a thesis, your draft should be of at least four chapters, or the equivalent in draft or published papers, as appropriate for your discipline.

If you are submitting a dissertation as a part of project-based research, your draft work should include an advanced draft of your final dissertation and a representation of your final project outcome, in images, recordings or text, as appropriate for your project. Please discuss the specific requirements for your milestone with your supervisory team.

Summary documentation

You summary document must include:

  • your thesis/project title
  • a summary or abstract of your research
  • an explanation of how your research is situated in the context of your discipline or community of practice
  • a list of key readings and references
  • an outline/summary of your progress against your research plan
  • a summary of any changes to your candidature since your Second milestone review.

Your school or discipline may have additional requirements for this milestone. It is very strongly recommended that you discuss this with your supervisory team and/or HDR Coordinator before submitting your documentation for this milestone.

You should submit the written component to your supervisors and HDR Administrator at least 15 days before your milestone presentation. This is to ensure that it can be distributed to and reviewed by your panel before your presentation.

No exemptions can be granted for the Third milestone review, however if your enrolment has been cancelled and you are applying for readmission for examination you will not be required to complete this milestone.