You must enrol into a research course for the duration of your program to remain enrolled in your Higher Degree by Research (HDR) program. You may also enrol into optional courses, such as the qualitative or quantitative techniques courses. Information about the courses available in your program can be found on the Coursework and research training in your program page.

If you are a full-time candidate, your credit point load must total 96 for the year. If you are part-time, your credit point load must total 48. Varying your credit point load for a semester will not change your approved study load – if you wish to change between full and part-time study loads, you must obtain approval from your senior supervisor and advise your school HDR administrator.

Failure to enrol into a course in any research quarter will result in your enrolment being cancelled for failing to enrol. If this occurs, you will need to apply for late enrolment (see below) or readmission.

Unless you are enrolled through a Collaborative Research Training Agreement established between RMIT and a partner organisation, we don’t recommend concurrent enrolment, either in any other RMIT degree or award program offered by another institution, because it may delay successful completion of your research degree. Concurrent enrolment is covered in section 18 of the RMIT enrolment processes.

It may become necessary during your candidature to cancel your enrolment. This can occur for a huge range of reasons, and you may wish to consider this option if you require more than 12 months of leave of absence during your candidature or if you have reached your maximum completion date and are not yet ready to submit for examination.

It is important that you formally cancel your enrolment rather than discontinue by failing to enrol, particularly if you plan to return to HDR study in Australia (at RMIT or at another institution) within three years, as you will continue to consume candidature up to your cancellation of enrolment date. This consumed candidature will be taken into consideration when you resume your studies.

If you do cancel your enrolment, you may apply for readmission within three years of your enrolment cancellation date.

If you fail to enrol by the deadline for enrolment at the end of each year, and have not applied for a leave of absence, you will be required to apply for a late enrolment (this includes a late enrolment fee). Your application must be approved by your school.

If you are not enrolled by the census date for any research quarter, you are required to apply for readmission instead of late enrolment.