You are required to enrol for the next year during the enrolment period (October to December). You will receive reminders about this from RMIT to your student email account during this period. If you fail to enrol, your enrolment will be cancelled and you will be required to apply for readmission to return to your research.


Coursework in your HDR program

Research methods/strategies

There is a discipline specific research methods or research strategies course in all HDR programs at RMIT. This course must be completed within your first year of study (most candidates complete it in their first 6 months).

You will be automatically enrolled into this course when you commence your program.

Research techniques

There are two optional research techniques courses available to all HDR candidates: Qualitative Research Techniques and Quantitative Research Techniques.

You can enrol into these courses after you have completed your research methods/strategies course, with approval from your senior supervisor. Once you have approval, forward this to your HDR Admin team.

Other coursework courses

There are a small number of programs that require candidates to complete additional compulsory coursework in their program, including programs in the School of Engineering and the School of PCPM. Your HDR Admin team can provide advice about this.

Non-HDR coursework courses

Occasionally, your supervisory team may suggest that you complete a course that is not available as a part of your program. If this occurs, please contact the SGR candidature team for advice.

Coursework and submission for examination

All compulsory coursework courses must be completed (or exempted - see below) before you can submit for examination.

Research Enrolment

You must remain enrolled in courses for the duration of your candidature; because of this, you will be required to enrol into research courses every quarter until you submit for examination. These courses represent your research and the time that you spend with your supervisors.

The research courses that you enrol into depend on your program, your study load and whether or not you are currently completing coursework. Full-time candidates will enrol into research courses to total 24 credit points per quarter (96 credit points for the year) and part-time candidates to total 12 credit points per quarter (48 credit points per year).

Your research courses will be preselected for you during enrolment periods. If you need to vary your enrolment, the SGR will correct your enrolment when the variation is processed. Do not attempt to add or remove classes in Enrolment Online yourself. 

Research integrity training

The Research Integrity Training and Education (RITE) modules provide information on ensuing your research is ethical and responsible and data management, as well as introducing you to relevant RMIT policies and procedures.

The RITE online modules are compulsory for all new HDR candidates and must be completed prior to Confirmation of Candidature. They are not for credit and you do not need to enrol into them when you select courses during online enrolment.

Depending on your research project you may also have to complete one or more ethics modules in human ethics, animal ethics or gene modification.

Find out more information and how to join RITE online training, or search for a RITE Workshop through PhD Up!

The Researcher Portal also contains further information about the areas of conduct in research, as well as information about realising the impact of your research.

Credit and recognition of prior learning (RPL)

You may be eligible to apply for credit or RPL for compulsory coursework if you have completed similar courses in another program. It is recommended that you discuss this with your HDR DA, as the coursework in your HDR program is designed to assist you with your research and it may be beneficial for you to complete the RMIT course.

It should be noted that when credit is granted for coursework in an HDR program, your maximum duration of candidature is not affected (i.e. it does not shorten your program).

If you are transferring to RMIT from a research program at another university, your consumed candidature from that institution may be fully or partially deducted from your maximum duration of candidature at RMIT – where this occurs, it is considered to be ‘prior consumed load’ rather than ‘credit’. In these instances, your program duration is shortened.

Concurrent enrolment

Unless you are enrolled through a Collaborative Research Training Agreement established between RMIT and a partner organisation, we don’t recommend concurrent enrolment, at RMIT or at another institution, because it may delay successful completion of your research degree. If you do wish to do this, please contact your HDR Admin team or the SGR candidature team for advice.

Enrolment and candidature

Once you have accepted your offer and completed your initial program enrolment, your research commencement date will be determined. This date is the program start date listed on your offer or, if you complete your enrolment after this date, the date that you complete the online enrolment process.

Your candidature will start consuming from your research commencement date.

HDR candidates consume candidature, except: