What is the Learning Repository, Equella?

Equella is a repository that hosts various digital collections. The Learning Repository is the name of RMIT’s repository; the SGR Examinations Office uses the terms ‘Equella’ and ‘Learning Repository’ interchangeably.

As an HDR candidate you will submit an electronic copy of your thesis or project for examination or re-examination to the Learning Repository, Equella. You will also use the Learning Repository to lodge your archival thesis or project for it to become publicly available on the Research Repository.

Equella works best on a PC with the following browsers: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

When you log in to Equella, you will need to contribute a resource. There are two types of resources you can select:

  • Submission of Thesis or Project for Examination or Re-Examination
  • Thesis or Project Lodgement for Archival

When you have selected the type of resource you wish to contribute you will need to answer several questions regarding your program and submission or lodgement. Once all questions have been answered you can upload your thesis or project and any additional items.

A thesis or project must be uploaded as a non-editable (read-only) file. The preferred format for the thesis or dissertation component of a project is as a PDF file.

Equella will host any file size, however, large files above 1.5 GB may take longer to upload, for example: media files, or theses with high resolution images are known to take much longer to upload. The upload time will depend on internet speed and how much traffic Equella is experiencing.

For this reason we strongly recommend that candidates try to submit at least 24 hours before their maximum candidature completion date.

When uploading items (known as "adding a resource") you will be presented with a popup window with a coloured bar. When at 100% the bar should change from blue to green.

  • Blue = the file is uploading
  • Green = the file is uploaded

Sometimes this upload is very quick, however, if the bar remains blue for an extended amount of time we recommend closing the popup window to check that the item uploaded.

  • To close: click on the X in the beige coloured banner at the top of the popup. The item will appear if it was uploaded correctly.

Once an item has been uploaded it will appear as a hyperlink. Please always check the content of any file you have uploaded before you ‘Save’ and then ‘Submit for moderation’.

Remember, your files will be opened by your examiners, so please give them a suitable title, especially if you have uploaded several files. Examiners should be able to navigate between the files easily.

A record of the artefact/body of work component of a project-based research submission must be in a digital format and accompany the dissertation. For example, this could include a portfolio of images, or media components such as a video or an audio file.

Should the file be too large to upload successfully to Equella please email SGR Examinations Office with either a link to a website where the artefact/body of work can be accessed, or to confirm you will provide copies of the file on three discs or USB drives within the next five working days.

You must specify what has been saved on the discs/USB drives and if there are any software requirements in viewing the files. It is your responsibility to check all files have been correctly uploaded.

It should be noted these discs/USB drives will be sent to examiners and may not be returned to RMIT.

If you are unable to complete your contribution in one sitting you can save it as a draft. To do this click on the red text ‘Save and continue’ at the top of the webpage, to the right.

You can then access your draft when you are ready to resume your submission or lodgement. The visual guide accessing and submitting a draft record (PDF 597KB 9p) details this process.

If you are ready to finalise your submission or lodgement, please click the green ‘Save’ button at the top of the page, this will take you to another screen asking you to ‘Submit for moderation’. When you have clicked ‘Submit for moderation’ your contribution will be sent to the staff in the SGR Examinations Office.

If you have not answered all the questions a popup window will appear and you will need to select the option ‘Complete wizard’. You can then review your record and answer the questions you missed. When ready please select the green ‘Save’ button once again.

We recommend candidates use the visual guides submitting a thesis or project for examination of re-examination (PDF 1.38MB 21p) or lodging an archival thesis or project (PDF 1.25MB 19p) when contributing a resource.

When you ‘Submit for moderation’ a statement will appear in a green banner near the top of the screen stating ‘Successfully saved’. This is your confirmation your submission was successful and has been sent to the SGR Examinations Office.

When the staff in SGR Examinations receive your contribution they will complete several administrative checks of your enrolment history and uploaded items to confirm to the process can proceed.

You will receive an email from the SGR Examinations Office confirming your contribution was received. This process normally takes 2 working days, however, delays may occur in busy periods.

The date you submit a record to Equella that can be processed by SGR will become your official Thesis Submission date or your Archival date (the date you complete your program).

On occasion the SGR Examinations Office will not be able to process a candidate’s submission. The following reasons restrict our ability to process your record:

  • The milestone documentation from your candidature has not been received by the SGR, and has not been formally approved by the SGR;
  • The compulsory Research Methods or Research Strategies course has not been successfully completed or credited/exempted;
  • Any compulsory courses required for your degree have not been successfully completed or credited/exempted;
  • Your enrolment record states there are unpaid fees.

Should your thesis or project submission be delayed for the above reasons, there may be negative implications for scholarship holders and international onshore student visa holders

It is to your benefit that you confirm and resolve any outstanding issues prior to your submission to Equella.

What items should I upload?

Every candidate will need to upload as a separate PDF file:

If applicable, additional items that may be needed are:

Please do not include:

  • a Turnitin report; or
  • the abstract as a separate document; there is a section in Equella where this can be added.

Are there visuals guide to help navigate Equella?

The following guides will help you navigate Equella:

My upload didn’t work and now I have been locked out of my contribution. How do I access my record?

On rare occasions Equella may 'time out' during an upload if the file size is too large or the upload process is too slow. Should this occur the user may then become 'locked out' for a few hours. Once some time has passed please log back in and you will have the option to unlock the record for editing.

I tried to upload my thesis or project and received a notification stating there was an AJAX error, what does this mean?

It is likely Equella has read one of your attachments as being corrupt. Please try using Equella in a different browser, and rename your attachments.

I ‘Submitted for moderation’ and now I cannot see my contribution.

This is normal. Once a record has been processed ownership of the record is re-assigned to prevent changes to the thesis or project during the examination or lodgement process.

I want to amend the content of my record.

Amending content is not always feasible. Please email the SGR Examinations Office immediately with a description of what you wish to amend.

Under no circumstances can a candidate amend their contribution once the thesis or project is under examination or re-examination.

HTML script appears in the text of my final archival record.

This is normal. Your thesis/project title and abstract is automatically updated to HTML script so it is ready for the online Research Repository.

I received an email saying my record has been rejected, have I failed?

No. A rejection notification only means your record has been returned for changes. You would normally be contacted by the person who has rejected your contribution, explaining why it needed to be returned to you.

Should your contribution be returned to you for amendments to your thesis or project, please rename the PDF file when you upload the revised work.

An adjudicator has been appointed to my examination, should I upload my response to the examiner reports to Equella?

No. Please email it to the SGR Examinations Office and cc your senior supervisor.

You can log in to Equella using your student ID and password. If you need assistance with your password please refer to Information Technology Services.

If you have an RMIT employee number, please do not use it. You are submitting your work as a candidate, not as a staff member.

You are now ready to log in to Equella.

Key contact

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the SGR Examinations Office.