If you are moving to a new location for more than three months, you should notify the University that you are changing your location to ensure that you have adequate support from RMIT at your new location, that your fees are correctly calculated and so that RMIT can contact you in event of an emergency.

You should notify RMIT that you are changing location if you are going to be located anywhere other than your normal location for more than three months. This includes moving into or from Australia or between two offshore locations.

You do not need to notify RMIT that you are changing location if you are travelling to a conference or travelling for personal reasons (e.g. while you are on annual leave or leave of absence).

If you studying in Australia on a student visa and you are changing location for an extended period of time (e.g. you are returning to your home country to finish writing up your thesis/dissertation), the SGR will notify Compliance, Regulation and Reporting (CRR) that you are leaving Australia and no longer require a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE).

You may change your study load to part-time at the same that you change location. This and your new citizenship status may have an impact on your fees, if you are a fee-paying candidate.

If you are planning to return to Australia at a later date you must make this clear on your application so that appropriate advice can be provided to you about your student visa and COE.

You will be contacted by the SGR after your change of location has been received and provided with further information and an additional form that must be completed.

You should start the change of location process at least four months prior to your proposed arrival in Australia to ensure that you have time to obtain a student visa (it can take up to three months to apply and obtain a student visa).

If you are changing location, you will need to complete a change of location form (PDF 231KB) and submit this to your school HDR Administrator.

You must also log into myRMIT and ensure that your address is up-to-date.