In these circumstances it is possible to change your load from either full time or part-time.

A full time research candidate should spend an average of four days a week on their research over the year. A part-time candidate spends an average of two days a week on their research.

Changing the number of credit points associated with any coursework that you may be taking in your research degree does not have any impact on your study load. If you wish to change your study load, you must actually ‘change your load’ rather than simply adding or subtracting courses within your degree.

International candidates studying in Australia on a student visa will normally be enrolled full-time. To reduce your load you must be able to demonstrate compassionate or compelling circumstances.

Requests to change study load are usually only approved for a set period of time and are most common at the end of candidature.

Your school and the SGR must approve your request.

Your milestone and maximum completion dates will be adjusted when you change your study load.

Changes to your study load may have implications for scholarship eligibility, and we recommend that you should check the guidelines for your particular scholarship before requesting a change in study-load.

A change in study load will have fee implications for fee-paying candidates.

If you would like to change your study load, you must have approval from your senior supervisor. Once you have approval, you must email your school HDR Administrator to organise your change of load. Please refer to section 1 of the Program duration process for more information.

If you are a full-time candidate and want to change to part-time load of enrolment because you are employed, you must provide details about how you will meet the required time commitment of an average of two days per week on your studies throughout the year.