You can apply for an extension beyond your maximum duration. In these circumstances your candidature will automatically be placed ‘at risk’ (if it has not been already) and follow the process of extending your candidature outlined below.

Extensions beyond maximum may be granted to the limit stated in section 5 of the Program duration process.

Candidates who exceed this are advised to cancel their enrolment and apply for readmission for examination when they are ready to submit.

Applying for an extension to your candidature is separate from an extension to your scholarship or sponsorship. Different terms and conditions apply to different scholarships and some are for a lesser duration than the maximum period of candidature.

If you are receiving a scholarship or are a sponsored student, you will need to contact your scholarship provider or your sponsor before submitting your application.

If you would like to apply for an extension beyond maximum duration, you must submit an extension beyond maximum application, including an extension of candidature beyond maximum duration form (PDF 99KB) and a Candidate Action and Support Plan. Please refer to section 5 of the Program duration process for more information.

If you are a fee-paying candidature, you will be liable for fees during your extension beyond maximum duration.

International candidates should note that it is their responsibility to check their visa end date and ensure that their current student visa will cover their extension beyond maximum.