For each year of your program, you’ll need to complete your enrolment in order to secure your place and access your courses and learning materials. 

Note: If you’re studying at SIM, log in to SIMConnect to complete your enrolment. For all other partners, you’ll enrol using Enrolment Online by following the steps below.

Prepare to enrol

As a new student

As a new student, you’ll attend an enrolment session at your partner institute where you’ll complete your enrolment and add your courses. 

Make sure you attend your session with suitable identification and your offer letter as this will have your RMIT student number which you’ll use to log in and access RMIT systems. 

As a continuing student 

You’ll receive an enrolment reminder 1 to 2 months before the start of the next academic year, providing instructions on how to complete your enrolment. Depending on your partner, there may be an enrolment session on campus that you can attend or you may be given instructions to enrol yourself off-campus.

How to enrol

Follow these steps to complete the enrolment process and secure your place at RMIT. Give yourself plenty of time to complete your enrolment before your classes commence.

1. Log in to the Enrolment Online system

Log in to Enrolment Online

Please note: All steps in this section are completed in Enrolment Online.

2. Find your login details


Your RMIT ID (username) is the letter 's' followed by your student number (excluding any additional letters), eg: s1234567.  You can find your RMIT ID on your offer letter.


Your temporary password is the letter ‘p’ followed by your date of birth backwards and an exclamation mark (example: p19920428!)

You should change your temporary password as soon as possible to make sure your student account is secure. You can use your new password to access all RMIT systems, including your student email account.


1. Accept RMIT’s terms and conditions

2. Fill in your personal details

3. Provide statistical information

1. Select your term

You’ll enrol in all terms in your academic year.

2. Select 'Show classes'

3. Select 'Add selected classes'

The classes you're enrolled in will now be displayed.


4. Finished enrolling?

Remember to repeat the above steps for each available term so you’re fully enrolled for the academic year. 

Once you’ve enrolled for all available terms, select 'Exit' and check the pop-up summary of your enrolment to ensure you've correctly enrolled.



Check your enrolment

View your Statement of Enrolment (SoE)

Your SoE is your statement from RMIT University confirming your program and course enrolment in a term. 

If you’ve enrolled online at SIM, you can log in to SIMConnect to view your SoE.

If you enrolled using Enrolment Online, log in to Enrolment Online and selecting View Statement of Enrolment (SoE).

Once you’ve enrolled, you can check your enrolment details by viewing your SoE.

Changes to your enrolment will be reflected in your SoE within 24 hours.

Add or drop a course

You can add or drop courses via Enrolment Online. 

The extent to which you can vary your enrolment will depend on your current enrolment load, your program structure, and the point during the teaching period that you’re adding or dropping courses. 

Check the Important dates page and in particular your census date which is the deadline by which you can add or drop without financial penalties or a withdrawn grade.  
Speak to your local partner contact if you need more information about adding or dropping courses.