How to add or drop a course

  1. Seek academic advice from your course coordinator as specified in the course guide for your program.
  2. Complete the Enrolment variation form* (PDF 43kb 2p).
  3. Submit the form before the census date for your course.

* If you have enrolled online you may add or drop classes via Enrolment Online.

The success of your application depends on:

  • your number of missed classes/teaching sessions
  • whether you want to add or drop a standard semester course, or intensive course
  • your course prerequisites
  • your student load.

See below for more information. If you submit your application after the course census date, please be aware that academic and financial penalties may apply. Your local administrator can explain the refund of fees policy that will apply to you.

Missed classes/teaching sessions

You cannot add a course if you have already missed a significant amount of classes/teaching sessions as you will not be familiar enough with the course content.

Standard semester course

These courses run for the length of a normal semester/teaching period. The last day to add this type of course is the Friday of week 2, following the official start of semester. 

Please refer to the Important dates for your provider. If you have enrolled online, you can view your important dates by logging in to Enrolment Online and selecting:

  • My student record
  • Enrolment details
  • View my calendar.

Intensive course

These courses run for a short period and are usually delivered as residential courses or on weekends. You are not allowed to add intensive courses after the published start date for the course. 

Please log in to myRMIT to view the published start dates for intensive courses.

Course prerequisites

A prerequisite is a course that you must complete in order to have the skills and/or knowledge required to complete the next course in your program. 

If the course you want to add has prerequisites, you must have completed these before you can add this course. On rare occasions, you may be granted an exemption by your program director.

RMIT University uses prerequisites to build students’ capabilities in a structured and logical manner. If you have any queries, please contact your program director.

Student load

Unless indicated by your program structure, you are not advised to enrol in more than the recommended maximum number of courses, which is:

  • full-time students - 4 courses per semester/teaching period
  • part-time students - 2 courses per semester/teaching period.

If you have an exceptional academic record (example: GPA of greater than 3.0) you may be permitted to over-enrol by one subject at the discretion of your program director.