If you can demonstrate that you already have the skills or knowledge, and can meet the learning outcomes, for a particular course, you may be granted credit so you don’t have to study that course.

There are two ways to apply for credit:

  1. Credit transfer. Apply for credit transfer if you have previously studied the same or similar course content; for example, by doing a similar course at a different university
  2. Recognition of prior learning (RPL). Apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL) if you have extensive informal knowledge of the course content; for example, through work experience.

How to apply

To apply you must:

  • get advice about your application from your RMIT program director as soon as possible - this is very important
  • complete the Credit transfer and higher education recognition of prior learning request form
  • make sure you provide the required supporting evidence as specified on the form
  • submit the form to your local partner contact by the course census date.
  • if requested, attend an interview or sit a test to determine your eligibility - your RMIT program director will have the necessary details.


If you do not submit your completed form by the course census date, you will need to pay tuition fees for your course even if your application is successful.

You will be notified in writing of the outcome of your application. If you are successful, you must accept the credit granted before it will be processed.

What to do if your application is successful

If your application is successful and you have accepted the credit it will be processed on your record and will be visible on your academic history. It may take some time for the credit to appear on your record. Contact your local partner contact if you have any questions or concerns.

Your options if your application is unsuccessful

If your application is unsuccessful you will not receive credit transfer or RPL. 

If you disagree with the decision you have 5 days to lodge a formal appeal, and you must satisfy the grounds for appeal listed in the RPL and credit transfer policy.

Before lodging your appeal, you must first seek a review of the decision by your school, which can uphold the decision or overturn it.

If you are still unhappy with the outcome of the review, you can lodge a formal appeal, provided that you meet the grounds of appeal, have sought a review, and submit your appeal within 20 working days of the date of the decision.

To lodge a formal appeal complete and submit an Appeal against recognition of prior learning and credit transfer (College Appeals Committee) form.