To remain in your program you need to enrol each academic year. You must do this at your enrolment session before the start of the new semester/teaching period.

Enrolment session

You will be notified 3 to 6 weeks before enrolment begins and advised of the date, place and time of your enrolment session.

If you cannot attend your enrolment session, you must nominate a proxy (someone else who can attend and enrol on your behalf).

Please remember to bring proof of ID, such as your student card, to your enrolment session.

Paper-based enrolment

To enrol you must complete the following documents available at your session:

  • RMIT University enrolment form
  • RMIT statistical data form
  • course selection template.

These documents must be signed and dated at the time of enrolment.

Online enrolment

If you are enrolling via Enrolment Online you will be required to complete My Checklist first time you enrol for the academic year. The Checklist requires you to answer some simple questions to comply with Australian Government reporting obligations.

To enrol online:

Important notice

Students with an outstanding debt are not allowed to enrol until the debt has been paid.

If you do not attend your enrolment session and do not nominate a proxy, you may lose your place in the program. 

If you miss your enrolment session you will need to follow the process for late enrolment.