What’s changing and when

Higher education courses

For Semester 1 2018, RMIT is moving to preferential class allocation for higher education courses, instead of the ‘first come, first served’ model used in 2017.  The preferential model provides you with the opportunity to enter your preferred classes so your preferences can be taken into account. It's a fairer system for all students. Timetabling will work slightly differently and run to a different schedule in 2018.

Dates Step to take

24 November 2017 –
21 January 2018

Step 1: Plan your class timetable using myTimetable (read-only)

22 January (9am) –
7 February 2018 (5 pm)

Step 2: Enter your class preferences using myTimetable during the preference entry period.
8–13 February 2018 RMIT allocates students to classes. During this time, you won’t be able to view or adjust your personal timetable, but you can still view the public version.
14 February 2018 Step 3a: Review your class allocations using myTimetable

15 February (8am) –
16 March 2018 (5pm)

Step 3b: Adjust your personal class timetable using myTimetable if required

Don’t forget to enter your class preferences between 22 January and 7 February!

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Vocational education, associate degree and foundation studies courses

For Semester 1 2018, myTimetable is replacing web published timetables as well as the Student Timetabling System (STS) currently used by some students in the College of Business.

Most students: After you enrol in courses, you can use myTimetable to view your weekly personal timetable.

Exceptions: If you're studying the Associate Degree in Legal Practice, Associate Degree in Business and/or Diploma of Commerce, or you're presented with class options in myTimetable, you can use myTimetable to allocate yourself to classes on a ‘first-in, first-served’ basis, and then view your weekly personal timetable.

Find out more about how and when to timetable if you’re a vocational education student.

About myTimetable

  • myTimetable is easy to use, with a simple interface, and it’s mobile friendly.
  • myTimetable refreshes every hour, which means if you change your enrolment in Enrolment Online, you can timetable after only 60 minutes.
  • You can feed your RMIT timetable to your personal calendar with iCal.
  • You need to log in to myTimetable even when it’s in read-only mode.