When to plan your class timetable

Plan your timetable after you enrol in classes but before timetabling opens.

How to plan your class timetable

*myTimetable will be in read-only mode until timetabling opens, which means options can't be selected.

Timetabling changes

The read-only timetable is subject to change and may be regularly updated. In addition, details may not be available for all classes.

Please check myTimetable frequently for the latest information.

Public version of myTimetable

Not yet enrolled? You can access a public, read-only version of myTimetable especially for future students and members of the public.

Changes for Semester 2 2017

We are making improvements to class timetabling in time for Semester 2 2017.

myTimetable alert

If there is an issue with myTimetable we will post an alert here. There are currently no reported issues.