Read the following information to determine if:

  • your issue is defined as an ‘enquiry or concern' or a 'complaint'
  • your issue can be dealt with by the Student and Student-Related Complaints Policy, or whether there is another policy or process to help you resolve your issue. 

1. Enquiries or concerns

An enquiry or concern is defined as:

  • a matter that requires action but can be addressed informally in the first instance
  • a decision, action, process or service provided by RMIT that you feel would be in the University’s interest to be aware of or to address.

2. Complaints

If you’ve been unable to resolve your concern informally, or if you feel that it’s inappropriate to attempt an informal resolution, you may submit a formal complaint. 

What’s outside the scope of the complaints policy?

The following types of complaints are outside the scope of the complaints policy. Refer to the processes, procedures and policies listed to find out how to resolve these types of complaints.

Type of complaint How to submit a complaint
RMIT Training (REW)
See RMIT Training Polices and Procedures which explains the steps RMIT English Worldwide (REW) students can take to submit feedback, enquiries, concerns, or a formal complaint.
An applicant can request a review of a selection decision as outlined in the Selection Procedure.
Credit transfer or recognition of prior learning (RPL)
To request a review of a credit or Recognition of Prior Learning decision, refer to the Credit Procedure
Academic progress and results
To find out how to appeal an assessment or academic progress outcome, go to the Appeals webpage.
Special consideration

To find out how to request a review of a special consideration outcome, go to the special consideration assessment and outcomes page

Student conduct
To appeal a student or academic misconduct decision, see the Appeals section of the Student Conduct Policy.
Research Conduct

To make a complaint about research conduct, see the Complaints section of the relevant policy document:


Refer to the Student Privacy Statement

Need help?

If you’re unsure where to go or who to contact to resolve your issue, contact the student complaints team: 

  • telephone +61 3 9925 8863 or 
  • email