Step 1: Speak to a staff member

For all concerns relating to the delivery of academic, administrative or support services, you should speak initially with the staff member responsible for the relevant area/issue. for example, a lecturer, course coordinator, program director, timetabling services or property services.

This can be done informally in person or in writing, or in some cases via an online form. Problems and issues are often resolved quickly at this stage.

Step 2: Speak to a complaints handler

If Step 1 has not resolved your issue, you may seek advice from the complaints handler in the area responsible for the matter if:

  • it is inappropriate to discuss the matter with the relevant staff member
  • you are unable to come to an appropriate resolution at the initial stage.

+61 3 9925 8863

Step 3: Lodge a formal complaint online via RMIT Connect

If you believe that the response provided through your attempt to resolve your concern informally at the local level has been unsuccessful, you may wish to lodge a formal complaint online via RMIT Connect to progress the matter. 

Seeking a review

If, after receiving a formal outcome of your complaint a satisfactory resolution is not reached, you can reply to the outcome email and seek a formal review.

Need help?

If at any stage you require assistance about how to resolve a matter, contact the Academic Registrar's Group on +61 3 9925 8863 for advice.