How it works

Break and Create invites you to enjoy easy creative activities and moments of joy, as a reminder to take a little time for yourself. 

While Break and Create may provide compatible benefits to other wellbeing treatments, it isn't designed to provide art therapy, psychology or counselling treatment. If you need immediate support, visit Mental wellbeing and counselling.


The Break and Create space

The Break and Create space is no longer accepting submissions.

However, if you need some creative inspiration check out the drawing masterpieces created during the "Draw Your Feelings" online guide drawing lessons, in the Break and Create space below.

You don't have to be Picasso to benefit from a little creative relaxation. Visit "Draw Your Feelings" and get scribbling!

About Break and Create

Why was this program developed?

SWOT vac and assessment time can be stressful, busy period. RMIT Creative developed Break and Create in collaboration with RMIT Wellbeing to provide you with fun, playful, colourful and creative activities to take your mind off study during SWOT vac and assessment period. 

This program was also developed to encourage you to think more deeply about your wellbeing. It's a practical tool you can take into the rest of your life to improve your wellbeing and resilience.

How have we developed this program?

RMIT Creative worked closely with a qualified art therapist, in consultation with RMIT's Clinical Psychologist and the RMIT Wellbeing team to develop content that focus on resilience, kindness, gratitude and self compassion.

This program is not designed to provide art therapy, psychology or counselling treatment but it can provide additional benefits to people who are currently receiving psychological treatment.

RMIT has a range of support systems and offerings to provide you with professional support. We encourage you to seek further support if you're experiencing distress.

What are we hoping to achieve?

  • That these activities will remind you to take a break during difficult and stressful times, to make time for yourselves and your wellbeing. 
  • That, through the program, you receive the clinical benefits of playfulness, joyfulness, self compassion, self acceptance, mindfulness and creative play. 
  • To introduce those who don't currently identify as "artistic" or "creative" to the wellbeing benefits of non-critical creative practice and play.
  • That the program will be fun, easy, quick (low investment timewise) and accessible to encourage you to make time for your wellbeing.
  • That you feel a sense of community care by sharing, liking, and commenting in a community of sharing.


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