How it works

You don't have to be creative to draw! No drawing experience is necessary for this activity. It's okay to draw badly if it feels good so treat yourself to some creative playtime!
Check out the Draw Your Feelings clips below and have a scribble whenever you need a break!

You'll need just a few items:

  1. Something to write on (paper, note pad, back of an envelope) 
  2. Something to write with (pen, pencil, crayon, marker) 
  3. Five - ten minutes of your time to take a break, create something and feel great 

Don't have ten minutes? No worries, check out the shorter drawing exercises. These 30 second animations will show you how to take a quick, creative breather no matter how busy you are!

Draw your senses

Draw what you can see, hear, smell and touch.

Checking in on our heads

Lots going on in your head at the moment? Draw it out!

Tuning in to our hearts

Chenai shows how you can use drawing to tune into how you're feeling.

Gratitude and letting go

Chenai helps you focus on the positives and letting go of the things that might be more challenging.

Short on time?

These shorter drawing exercises take between 30 seconds and one minute and will help you take a quick, creative breather no matter how busy you are!