What's on offer

Are you studying accounting but love performing, or just looking for a place to meet other like-minded creatives? You may wish to take center stage, or work behind the scenes - there are places for everyone.

RMIT Performing Arts is open to all personality types: extroverts, introverts and divas. You can work as a musician, writer, director, designer or crew member. You can be a performer on stage or a wizard in the wings.

At RMIT Performing Arts, we offer students a range of short courses, weekly classes, social events and performances. All creative talents and experience levels are welcome.


Usually, Snatches is a night or two of short theatre, art, music, poems and short films - all written, directed, produced and performed by RMIT students.

This year is no different, it’s just online!

Snatches is a springboard for emerging playwrights, diverse new short works and performers who bravely share their stories to be spoken and performed for the first time.

Over 20 new pieces premiered in a theatrical feast of word-play, where viewers gorged on a smorgasbord of the unexpected, served from a menu that offers everything from black comedy to drama, monologue to poetry. No stone is left un-turned!

Get a glimpse of one of the rawest theatrical events of the RMIT calendar.