What is the Academy?

The RMIT Sports Academy offers high level sport for participants, coaches, administrators and student interns. The Academy will offer a highly professional environment for a transformational student experience while preparing participants for life and work.

Currently part of the Academy;

  • Big V Basketball Program
  • RMIT Women's (AFL) Football
  • RMIT Tennis
  • RMIT Esports

As part of the Academy, participants benefit from complimentary Gym use, an Exercise Physiologist designed training program, RMIT Health Clinic use (including Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Chinese Medicine and Massage), and a dedicated Sports Academy Director of Medical.

Academy facilities include;

  • Athletics training track
  • Multiple synthetic training surfaces
  • Indoor training stadium
  • Gymnasium
  • Video analysis technology
  • Exercise Science Laboratory’s Fitness testing resources
  • Function rooms
  • Health Sciences Clinic; Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Chinese Medicine, Massage, Psychology.
RMIT Women's (AFL) Football Academy

Premier League and Pennant Tennis
RMIT Big V Basketball Program

RMIT Esports and Games

Faculty Partnerships and Work Integrated Learning

The Academy has formal partnerships with faculties across the University to provide resources that in combination with the infrastructure deliver upon the vision of the Academy.

RMIT faculties supporting the Academy include:

  • Health Sciences – Myotherapy, Chiropractic, Chinese Medicine, Osteopathy
  • Media & Communication
  • College of Business
  • Education – coaching, clinics
  • Exercise Science – Strengthening and Conditioning, Game Analytics

RMIT Work Integrated Learning (WIL Placements)

The Academy offers a variety of opportunities for students to gain valuable experience in their field of study, across the sports, teams and programs offered, helping on-field, off-field, at games, events, trainings and other key moments.

“What I loved about working with the Academy was that they run like a professional sports organisation. I realised I was ahead of friends in my course in terms of 'real world' experience.” – 2019 RMIT Big V Basketball student intern.

Gain relevant, hands-on experience by practicing your skills in a fun, supportive and professional environment.  

Contact sport@rmit.edu.au to hear about the current WIL and employment opportunities.


International Scholarship awarded to Sports Academy Intern

RMIT Sports Academy chiropractic intern Mitch Whitham will pursue further studies in his field at the highest level after receiving a prestigious international scholarship.

Watch below to find out more.



RMIT Women's Football (AFL) Academy

Visit and register your interest at the official RMIT WFA website here: www.RMITWFA.com

Designed to encourage greater participation in women’s football, the RMIT Women’s Football Academy aims to promote and develop players, coaches and administrators in women’s football.

It will provide an inclusive environment for students and the community to try and learn football, with options for both social participation as well as a high-performance talent pathway into VFLW and AFLW programs.

Follow the #RMITWFA on social media here: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


RMIT Big V Basketball Program

Register your interest in ELITE level basketball with RMIT for 2021 to sarah.mckenna@rmit.edu.au

After a successful men's team launch in 2019, 2020 will see both men's and women's RMIT Redbacks teams competing in Basketball Victoria's Big V competition.

Based at the RMIT Sports Centre on the RMIT Bundoora Campus, the program is known for its strong culture, high-level coaching and strong community partnerships.

Other opportunities to compete for RMIT in basketball: RMIT Basketball Club, UniSport Nationals.

Follow @RMITBigV on social media here: Facebook, Instagram.


RMIT Tennis

Register your interest in playing ELITE level Tennis with RMIT in 2021 to sport@rmit.edu.au 

Tennis at RMIT is on the rise! On the back of our men’s and women’s 2019 national UniSport Australia titles last year, and our first ever season competing in Tennis Victoria’s highest level of competition, the Premier League, tennis is booming! We offer various state and national level competition opportunities. Keen to get involved? Get in touch!

Based at the RMIT Sports Centre on the RMIT Bundoora Campus, the program is known for its strong culture, high-level coaching and strong community partnerships with the Bundoora Tennis Club and Gripping Potential Tennis Coaching.

2021: Other opportunities to compete for RMIT in tennis: 2021 UniSport Nationals (2019 Men's and Women's National Champions), 2021 PAC 6 tournament.


RMIT Esports and Games

Register your interest in playing ELITE level Esports and Games with RMIT in 2021 to sport@rmit.edu.au 

Supporting our RMIT Esports and Games Club members to excel at the highest level, develop their skills and participate in competition.

Based at the RMIT City Campus spaces including our centralised social games space, and our livestream studio available to the RMIT community to enjoy, and have some fun with like-minded people.

Key locations: RMIT Community Games Space (Building 12, level 4, room 10) RMIT Livestream Studio (Building 8, level 4, room 35) 

Other opportunities to compete for RMIT in Esports and Games: Esports and Games Club, UniSport Nationals.

Join the RMIT Esports Discord here.
Find out more about RMIT Esports and Games here


RMIT Elite Athlete Program

The RMIT Elite Athlete Program [REAP] supports elite and emerging athletes to achieve sporting and academic excellence. By supporting students to devote time to training and competition while also completing their tertiary studies, student athletes can achieve both their sporting and academic aspirations.

Through dedicated assistance from the REAP team, over 200 student athletes successfully balance the high demands of elite sport and university life each year. Program benefits include some or all of the following depending on whether you meet the criteria as an Elite or Emerging Athlete.