This week's tip: find past exam papers

Prepare for exams by working through exam papers from previous years. To do this, your first step is to search the Library.

  • Go to LibrarySearch
  • Select ‘Books, articles and more’ from the drop down list of search types
  • Search for exam and the course code, e.g. ‘exam math2155’

Reserve option in the LibrarySearch pull-down menu.


Note that solutions to the past exams papers are generally not available for most course codes.

Last week's tip

Get referencing advice

Get to know Easy Cite: the quick and easy way to find referencing tips and examples in a selection of styles used at RMIT.

Check it out now, and get the lowdown on quoting and paraphrasing the words of other authors, and writing citations in Harvard, APA, AGLC3, Vancouver and IEEE referencing styles.

Keep in mind...

Easy Cite was developed using the relevant style manuals but some styles are open to interpretation. Easy Cite is absolutely intended as a guide only. If a referencing style does not match the specific style you seek, consider applying the format from existing examples within Easy Cite to your reference, or consult the style manual relevant to you.

Also, there is a display issue on a Mac with the Chrome browser. As we look to resolve this issue, please use Safari or reduce the width of the browser window in Chrome until it displays correctly.

Get assistance with assignment writing or exam prep now

If you need help using references in your assignments and essays, or seek next-level strategies to prepare for exams, don't hesitate to contact an expert advisor at the Study and Learning Centre. 


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